Anti - Corrosive Paint and Coating

Rational protection in structural steels...

Corrosion is a naturally occurring fact, commonly referred to as degradation of materials, usually metals and their properties, due to environmental influences. Corrosion, such as natural hazards, can create dangerous and costly damage to any structure, such as bridges, public buildings, facilities in the chemical and process industries, and automobiles.

It makes difference for the structure with appropriate efficient solutions...

There are many proven methods of corrosion protection and prevention depending on the nature, use and environmental impact of the special materials to be protected. The most commonly used method of protecting metals is the single or multiple application, in other words,
 "painting" of organic coatings.
Doğuş Industrial Chemicals make a difference by applying real solutions for the structure by performing much more than applying paint to the surface in order to protect the corrosion. Some important considerations should be taken into account during applications, such as different paint materials, surfaces and surface preparation methods, classification of environmental conditions.