Industrial Surface Applications

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The real state of the floors in industrial and commercial buildings is an important influence on the smooth operation of the work done on them. For this reason, the preparation, maintenance and, if necessary, reconstruction of optimal ground functionality requires knowledge and care of superior expertise.

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In a large proportion of industrial surfaces, the main material is concrete, cement or special sump. This application offers the advantage of being economically adaptable in the situations required by the synthetic coatings applied to the floors.
Concrete surfaces need to be protected for the reasons of chemicals, environmental pollution, abrasion and other potential damaging criteria.
Doğuş Industrial Chemicals offers epoxy and polyurethane products and systems and aesthetic appearance with various color options while extending the life of the surface.

Doğuş is in the leading position within the industry with years of experience and knowledge, as well as MMA, Stonewalk, Terrazzo and Compact system applications besides epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Mainly in pharmaceutical, food, aviation, automotive, we provide turnkey services of superior quality in many sectors.